SHARE SAVINGS For convenience and security, try our Share Savings Account. It offers a better annual percentage yield than similar accounts at other financial institutions. And you can access your account 24-hours with our Audio Response/Touch Tone Teller system .
MONEY MARKET ACCOUNTS To earn a higher yield on your funds on deposit, consider a Money Market Account. A flexible share account that earns a higher yield based on the balance in the account (minimum $2000 balance required). The account offers the flexibility of deposits and withdrawals but with no term attached.
SHARE CERTIFICATES You can earn higher yields when you deposit your funds into a term account from three months to three years* with only a $2000 minimum balance.

INDIVIDUAL RETIREMENT ACCOUNTS (IRAS) Traditional, Roth and Education IRAs are available as IRA Share Certificates for one or two years. Minimum balance to open an IRA is $50.
*Penalty for early withdrawal of funds.


  • Free Checking Available*
  • Minimum Monthly Balance of $300 or more
  • Direct Deposit
  • Overdraft Protection
  • Over 60 Account
  • *One of the items listed above can qualify you for a free checking account.

VISA CHECK CARD/ATM CARD Safer than carrying cash and quicker than writing a check. Your Visa Check Card give you access to more than 14 million locations worldwide. Use it anywhere a Visa is accepted—your transactions are deducted from your checking account. Unlimited free ATM withdrawals at hundreds of Co-Op ATM’s, many of which also take deposits. Your Visa check card can be used at ATM’s display any of these symbols. No fee at Co-Op ATM’s and of course, no charge for teller service



AUTO LOANS Up to 100% financing on new and used vehicles. We will also finance RV’s, travel trailers and motorcycles. We can also save you money when you refinance your loan from another financial institution.

PERSONAL UNSECURED SIGNATURE LOANS We offer Lines of Credit, Specialty Loans, Overdraft Protection Loans and Holiday Convenience Checks. We use Credit Based Lending to determine rates and limits.

REAL ESTATE LOANS/HOME EQUITY LOANS Getting a Real Estate Loan may be easier than you think . Pre-qualifying, fixed rates, adjustable rates, variety of terms. Equity Loans— fixed rates and variable rates. Variety of terms and the choice of an Equity Line of Credit for flexibility or an Equity Loan with a fixed term and rate. Use the funds for a lump sum expense such as debt consolidation or a remodeling project. Or buy a car and use our five, six or seven year term Equity Loan . Remember no points on any of our equity loans

STUDENT LOANS Just starting college , in the middle or finishing up? We can help you with a student loan or consolidate your existing student loans.



TOUCHTONE TELLER (888)455-4751 Check your account balances or history, transfer funds between accounts, transfer loan payments or request a share withdrawal.

ONLINE BANKING AT WWW.SMSEFCU.ORG With internet access you can conduct transactions anytime, anywhere. Check your accounts and transfer funds or request a withdrawal.

BILL PAY Now you can pay your bills without writing checks, licking stamps or stuffing envelopes. Bill Pay provides 24 hours convenience to pay your bills by personal computer. All you need is a Santa Monica School Employees FCU account and checking account.
To sign up, contact the credit union for details. You can be online in a matter of hours.

E-STATEMENTS ARE HERE Want less paper in your life? Sign up for e-Statements with the credit union and receive your statement by e-mail and reduce your paper clutter. Sign up for *Internet Banking, *Bill Pay and *e-Statements to simplify your life.
* Sign up for all 3 servics and get two FREE movie tickets

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Print out this membership application, complete thoroughly and mail to the
credit union along with your check to open your account(s). We'll send you
confirmation and a receipt for your deposit.

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